I manage an independent radio station in Canberra and I’m also a perpetual student (check out my latest effort at research on non-Euclidean geometry in Wordsworth) and I co-own a new media business which specialises in science communication. I also have a Twitter account:

The design of the banner was done by my friend Todd Cooper. More of his work can be found here.

N.B. The views expressed on this blog are not those of my current employer or any of my former employers. Why would you think they were? It’s clearly a personal blog so if you read something controversial or offensive on here, it’s me being offensive, not my employers past or present… possibly future though, but only if  two conditions were satisfied: 1) an organisation emerges which has, as a subset of its views, my views on all issues expressed in this blog and 2) they have employed me. I have to concede that in that case the views expressed here would indeed be those of my employer.


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